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Kaypee Medtrans Pvt Limited (KMPL) was started in the year 2003 mainly to cater to the import of Metal Scarp and it’s actively involved in import of HMS & LMS.Over a period it has started to importing Pet Scrap, Plastic Scrap and Paper Scrap.In the year 2007 KMPL decided to venture into import of Building Materials - due to boom in construction industry in India -such as Cement, Timber, Wire Rods etc.

Building Materials
  • Cement - 43 & 53 Grade
  • White Cement
  • Timber
  • Wire Rods ( Building Steels)
  • Heavy Metal Scrap (HMS)
  • Light Metal Scrap (LMS)
  • Aluminum Scarp
  • Pet Scrap
  • Paper Scrap
Group Companies
Kaypee Exporters
Kaypee Exim Pvt Ltd
Kaypee Textile Mills
Kaypee Medtrans Pvt Ltd
Kaypee Agro Farms
Kaypee Educational & Charities Trust